Sunday, April 01, 2012

Seen and Unseen

by Gorden J.L. Ramel

Beauty; there is so much to see
in flowers, faces, birds and me,
so much that can be loved for free.
Like trees, or people passing by;
the fragile form of things that fly;
the brown of earth, the blue of sky.
My eyes are opened more each day,
my mouth more closed, what can I say?
I wish I’d always seen this way.

This beauty that surrounds me now
has always been here, yet, somehow
my state of mind did not allow
for simple things like peace and joy.
I was so eager to employ
myself, so easy to annoy,
I did not know to brush aside
the mental cobwebs that can hide
the light wherein I now abide.

And so my days were quickly spent
on actions, intricate and meant,
to take me where I never went,
but where I planned I would go soon.
Like casting wishes at the moon
I danced to someone else’s tune
and thought my labours set me free.
Too sure of what I knew to see
the beauty that surrounded me.