Thursday, April 12, 2012

The embrace

Lying in a field
on my side
my lover -
the one I seek but never find, the one I yearn to know but am denied -
lies down behind me.

His body cloaking mine
I feel the warmth of breath against my ear,
I feel the press of lips upon my cheek,
I sense him waiting.

And as quickly as he appeared,
he is gone.

I awake from this dream
with the familiar sense of longing,
frustration from
denial of desire
that seems fated to know no home.

And then it strikes me -
all these years I’ve believed myself to be waiting
upon another,
when all along you have been with me
closer than my breath
under my skin
acceptance and love perpetually on offer.

And it’s not me waiting
but you.

Awaiting my recognition,
my receiving
what has been held out to me,
accepting the gift
I never believed was mine to claim.
Until now.

Spring awakening:
love and birdsong fill the air,
robins mad with a passion
that envelopes me.
I will no longer
deny what calls to me


I am ready to roll over
and give myself
to the embrace.

~ Lisa Hofmann
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