Thursday, March 01, 2012


(a letter I sent to two of my friends)

Dears Chitra and Neetha,

Chitra’s ‘the quantum of wobbling is directly proportional to the quantum of gobbling‘ has really set me thinking. Recently, while having a belly laugh I realised that when I laughed even though my Santa Claus tummy wobbled, it was actually getting a good workout from within. So to burn more calories, I started to watch comedy serials on TV (something unthinkable for me so far). Now I laugh during these serials at the slightest hint of a joke and sometimes even when nothing is said or done.

All these mirthful eruptions on my part are causing hubby to look at me suspiciously, maybe he’s considering divorce on the grounds of insanity. But so what, I am doing this in the service of science. And fitness. And beauty. And hope to lose about 10 inches around the waistline in a month or so. Unfortunately, I didn’t take a ‘before’ photo, but shall take an ‘after’ photo after said inches have been laughed away and my waist resembles that of a pre-pregnancy Aishwarya Rai.

So, my dears, laugh away, even watching our Indian politicians is good to bring on the belly laughs and you can LOL and even ROFL and instead of LMAO you can now (LMBO) Laugh My Belly Off). Neetha, just imagine how much gym-going money you’ll save if you stay at home instead and laugh yourself into fitness, haina?

The other good thing about LMBO is that it is also releases endorphins or happiness-inducing chemicals into the system. So while tummy is getting scrunched and de-calorified, the brain is also doing a little dance and sending messages about what a wonderful person you are and what a wonderful place this world is. Now, who can have enough of that, you tell me...

So, ladies, let’s get set and get even (with fat) and laugh it all away while also having loads of fun doing it :)