Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Beloved

My Beloved, a patient lover, waits for me,
while I, like a busy housewife,
scurry about to finish my chores,
to settle the affairs of the world,
to put aside the calculations of the mind.
When I still my hands of their constant activity
and my mind of its constant fluttering,
there, I behold Him in the silent cavern of my soul.
His smile is the gentle unfolding of a dreamy full moon,
His gaze makes me forget myself,
cast aside my identity, my selfhood,
and dissolve into His all encompassing embrace.
In that sacred space, I know myself as Him,
I always was and will be. We are one.
He laughs at my forgetfulness
and rejoices at my remembrance.
My Beloved is always all there is
if only I would open my vision and see.
I look around and see Him everywhere,
in the dazzling sunlight, in the bumbling bee.
From faces distorted in pain and anger,
He smiles gently up at me.
Waiting patiently for the remembrance
of a Beloved they somehow fail to see.
But I must remember and I must see
that the Beloved, He dwells in me.
My Beloved has the luminescence of a million suns,
my Beloved is me.