Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Ah! to float...

This picture that I put up with a status message on FB evoked a few comments, two of which were short ditties which I thought of sharing -

"Yea, that sky is really blue today
And I quite love those clouds.
I can hear a distant bird,
Crying out aloud.
It’s probably calling out to friends
To join her in her flight
Across the fields, across the lake
To a new shore, now out of sight.
I would’ve loved to fly with them
Hey but its pretty cool down here
The surrounding air smells so good
And the waters are so clear
I’m loving the gentle lift of ripples
As on this leaf I float
So I guess I’ll tarry for sometime more
On this special little boat."

~ Nadira

Surely girls, ‘tis good to float,
as on joys that life has brought,
lying back, you happily gloat,
simply divine, is it not?
Do not swim, I would say,
go with life’s loving flow,
‘tis best to float any day,
take it easy, nice and slow.
Smell those flowers, catch,
the rain on your tongue,
setting suns, you must watch,
never leave your song unsung.
Of what gain is winning
the race, amassing gold,
nary a time for living,
if, en route, your soul has died.

~ myself

photo - courtesy Facebook