Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Random ramblings 3

Today is 21.2.12. I’m beginning to wonder why I tend to ramble on days when the arrangement of dates is rather interesting.

I also came across an interesting concept today.  I am participating in Jean Houston’s ‘Awakening to one’s true purpose’ course and today she introduced to us the concept of the ‘mensch’. Mensch according to Wikipedia means “a person of integrity and honour”. But the way Jean explained it, a mensch is a person, real or imaginary who embodies all the qualities that you admire and wish to have as your own qualities. So first you conceptualise an imaginary mensch or look at a real-life one, and then visualise yourself as being that person with all the qualities that you find admirable.

A few days back I was listening to a talk by Deepak Chopra in which he recounted how while he was a child his mother had told him that he was an embodiment of Lord Krishna. In his words, “luckily for me, I believed her”. He had not been told that he was Lord Krishna himself but that the most admirable qualities of Lord Krishna were nascent within him. His undoubting belief in this allowed these dormant qualities to express themselves, in time.

Believing in the mensch and that you can become it, works on the same principle. Any quality, any attribute, any virtue can be developed this way. By believing that they lie dormant within you and by your intentional calling forth they express themselves and flower. It is as simple as that.