Sunday, October 10, 2010

The spark

Being in the state of awareness, one needs to examine closely the notion that one is a human being, examine the various thinking processes, concepts, assumptions that go into the making of that notion and one will find that it is nothing but a notion, carefully built up over the years by our own experiences and input from others. Once we clearly see that it is nothing but a notion then we can slowly deconstruct it. Take it apart, piece by piece, until it disappears and we stand revealed as divine.

Our whole world view of reality is based upon input mostly from our sense organs. And our mind then takes all that input and makes it own stories. What we call reality is nothing but a personalised story that we are constantly scripting. Therefore, my ‘reality’ will be totally different from everyone else’s and so likewise everyone’s else’s ‘reality’. If this so-called ‘reality’ exists only in our experience, then where or what is the real thing? For finding out, obviously, we have to get out of this illusion-churning-out thing called the mind.

Because our ‘reality’ is based upon input from the senses, the purview of our world is limited by the scope of the senses. Therefore we perceive ourselves as limited beings, separate from everything else. But once we debunk the myth that we are the body and lose our identification with it, then the limits that our senses have set fall away and then the boundaries that we have set for ourselves and for others also disappear. In that boundary-less world all is one. It is just one matrix of interconnected energy. This reality is universal. It is not personal and not defined by individual experience nor bound by the limits of the senses.

The desire to reach this state of universal consciousness is a spark that lies buried within all of us. Our job is to nurture this spark and make it grow. This desire to reach our real state is so strong that if nurtured it will attract all the knowledge and wisdom required to cut through the veil of illusion, to wake us up from the sleep state of maya. The only effort that is required of us is to nurture this spark, and see to it that it doesn’t get snuffed out. Then the flames will grow into a conflagration that will consume the false world of maya and reduce it to ashes. Then reality will stand revealed.