Monday, September 27, 2010


     "In the linear reality many aspire to be proactive in their participation.  They gallantly display their energy to anyone who may be near.  Seeking the connection to their existence they often speak of the connection of mind, body, and spirit.
     It is a habit of those embodied to speak more than they listen.  The resonating tenor of their voice makes them feel productive and vital in the physical environment.  It is happening everywhere one looks.... a lot of talkers but very few listeners.
     We are sure that the many who have much to say are lacking when it comes to hearing the whispers of their own souls.  An unfortunate moment since it is often the subtle expressions that provoke the most growth.
     We would advise all who aspire to connect with their souls to listen carefully to the breath of a newborn, the song of a grass hopper, and the cry of a kitten as it searches for its mother.
     The vibration of your own soul can be heard on a clear evening in the garden.  It is the desire to focus on these simple moments that begins the greatest growth.
     Be still.
     Listen to the pulse of your soul.
     The rhythm will sound out a clear message to your heart.  If only you would listen the wonders of the universe would be revealed.
     See what occurs.
 - Inner Whispers by VERONICA.