Friday, September 10, 2010

In essence

When I think of all the great poets, artists and other creative people down the ages and their creations, I realise that their creative expression is simply the purest expression of the Spirit. What is poetry but the pouring of Spirit into words and then taking form? Likewise, wouldn’t Spirit have ignited the imaginations of artists and moved their hands into creating works of awe-inspiring beauty. Similarly, we can look at ourselves and others and find pure expressions of Spirit. It could be the ability of someone to cook wonderful meals, or the simplicity of their nature, or their proclivity for going out of their way to help, or the mere sparkle in their eyes. It is all the Spirit showing through. From this point it would not be hard for us to see Spirit in everyone. If it is not immediately evident, it does not mean it is lacking, it only means that our vision could be clouded by prejudice and judgement. For aren't we all Spirit in essence ...