Sunday, September 19, 2010

The greatest place of wonder

     "Most people in their lives are ever seeking the external, the perfect relationship, experience, job, place, etc.  As a culture it is taught to seek fulfilment outside the self.
     Of course being physical places you in a culture where survival is determined by the amount of physical abundance one has acquired.  This is not something disagreed with.  It is important to feel safe and secure in your environment.  The concern lies with where one looks to find this abundance.
     Much has been said of late about the ability to create what one wants through their thoughts.  It is interesting that most move directly towards material things before seeking alignment with their soul.
     Having said that, we reiterate the concept of thought creating reality.  The way to abundance does not begin externally.  It begins in that place of wonder called your soul. 
     If one discovers the beauty and power there, the reality will align its self.
     Seek then a relationship with your soulful energy.  It will lead you to the next place of wonder.... "abundance". Someone once said, money does not grow on trees.  Abundance, however, grows within you and will manifest according to the energy of your soul and your internal relationship with it.
     There is no greater place of wonder."

- excerpt from Inner Whispers by Venonica