Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Live and let go

I have found that if you wait for something long enough, patiently enough, without resistance, without anxiety, without even seemingly waiting for it, it comes to you, out of the blue, on stealthy feet, when you least expect it, by which time your desire is already diminished and you are in a state of acceptance and learnt to do without, and lo and behold, it comes as a pleasant surprise.

So the trick is in letting go, in not holding on to the desire. The soul has the knack of attracting all that it needs for evolvement - people, situations, experiences. They come and go as the need arises. Why complicate things by desiring, by clinging, by regretting? Why desire something that will pass, why cling to something which is already slipping through your fingers, why regret experiences that have long since passed or pine for them to come back?

Pass gently through life, the soul is in command, it knows where it is going. The choice is ours, whether to live in resistance and want, desiring something that we think we lack. Or to live in abundance knowing that all that we need is already in our life.