Saturday, July 17, 2010

Poems by Lila


Breathe deeply
for the ocean of life is eager for your participation
start to sink into the unknown depths
of the folds of your heart

Swim quickly
for the shores of experience await your arrival
start to bathe in the beauty
of self made creations

Rest soundly
for the journey called life is never ending
start to be aware of the moment
as it presents itself NOW

Author of this spiritual poetry ~ Lila Star



Slices of myself
find expression
in the rumble
of everyday noise

At times
To breathe
another breath
takes effort
of unknown proportions

to gather myself
is a commodity
that simply
does not exist
in any realm

that movements
of this universe
are expressed
in the tiniest
particle of a cell
deep within my body
meandering on its path

always Here always Now

Author of this mystical poem ~ Lila Star