Thursday, May 20, 2010


(this one is for you Selvi, if you ever happen to read this)

Sing, sing, oh crazy heart,
sing of the cross you bear.
Sing of the love you carried
to a beloved who did not care.

Weep, weep, oh grieving heart,
lay your pain out bare.
Weep at the scornful glances
and accusations unfair.

Rave, rave, oh angry heart,
rave and rant akin.
Rave at grievous injury,
rant at hideous sin.

Grieve, grieve, oh lonely heart,
grief is nature’s cure.
For the depth to which grief has cut,
joy shall fill for sure.

Still, still, oh troubled heart
let all tempests blow.
Unaffected, as you watch
life’s ebb and life’s flow.

Soar, soar, oh heavy heart,
forthright your cares shed.
For look! God has chosen you
to be His beloved.

Sing, sing, oh joyous heart,
sing of joys untold.
For in loving arms He shall
you most lovingly enfold.