Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Dancing moonbeams

The night is awash
in the aftermath of rain.
Fragrant breezes,
glistening leaves,
the earth that sighs a benediction.
The moon rises full,
and moonbeams dance playful
on shimmering waters.

A lone bird calls,
calls again
and stops,
as if to listen to the silence.
Fireflies float by
gliding on the fragrant air.
As moonbeams skip and slide
on sparkling waters.

The valley is still,
the fields asleep,
the earth lies rain-soaked
and fragrant.
Waters tumble down hillsides,
gather in streams,
and moonbeams ride laughing
on warbling waters.

In the ethereal silence
all dissolves,
earth, sky and space.
Even I.
And the soul exults,
ebullient, ecstatic
with the dancing moonbeams
on silvery waters.