Wednesday, March 10, 2010


~ I am a powerful magnet
for love - because waves of love is what I am sending out
for abundance - because the Universe is in a state of abundance
for joy - because that is my real state.

~ Let’s float free in the magical, pulsating, swirling, interconnected matrix of energy. Let’s live borderless, unfettered, limitless (borders, fetters and limits exist only in the mind). Know in the depths of your being that you are infinite, free and divine.

(It would be good to affirm this on a daily basis, or even hourly :))

~ Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night with a racing mind. Thoughts stumble fast and furious into my mindscape and scamper around in circles. For hours. A quiet, sane voice reminds me softly that I must drop my mind and stop thinking, but I go on restlessly, tossing and turning under the covers until finally my mind drops off exhausted. Usually by this time, the sun’s just sending out its first rays and I drop off into a fitful doze. But something happens during this doze. Like the sun breaking through the mists of the night, dispensing the darkness and rising bright and resplendent, when I wake up, my mind is clear and sunny, all the demons of the night vanquished, my mind still and my heart at peace and my spirit shining clear and strong. Like they say, ‘the morning after the blackest night is the brightest’.