Friday, March 12, 2010

Journeying, on trains .....

Have you noticed that life is like a train journey. When it begins you get into the train. You have all these co-passengers who are already sitting there and those who get in with you. Then as the train keeps moving, people get off, along the way other people get in. You get to know the people sitting around you, you are oblivious of the people in other compartments except when you catch brief glimpses of them at stations. And so it goes on, people get in and get off, some stay briefly, some stay for long periods, and with each you have a unique experience. You learn, you give and take, you laugh, fight, make up, part. Eventually you get off at some station. You are richer in experience, wiser. You have learnt a lot. If there is more experience to be had, more lessons to be learnt, you get into another train. And so it begins again. Another train, another journey. You keep doing this until perhaps you’ve learnt that you are the train, the journey, the stations, the co-passengers and everything else. Then there will be nothing more to be learnt, then no train can contain you, for you will have encompassed all and will find yourself in everything. This will not be the end of all journeys or the beginning of a new one because beginnings and endings belong to time and you will be beyond time. You will have realised that you are timeless, limitless and infinite.