Friday, March 12, 2010

Beginnings and endings

Have you noticed that every moment dies as soon as it is born? Have you noticed that life is a series of beginnings and endings? That everything that begins has to end someday? Everything, yes, EVERYTHING! Without exception. Things begin to die as soon as they spring up. Life is simultaneously a living and a dying. Then why do we cling? If everything is in transition, why do we get attached? I guess we don’t see the impermanence. We look at a flower and admire its beauty, drink in its delicateness, are touched by its fragility, moved by its sheer splendour. Yet at the back of our minds we are aware that this same flower will wilt by the next day and turn into a heap of brown shriveled petals in a few days. Maybe it’s this knowledge that makes us rejoice in its beauty for a brief, glorious, uplifting moment. Maybe we should look at every moment like that, see the transience of it, its temporariness, maybe then we can live life open-fisted, without holding on to anything. Maybe then we can rejoice in the fullness of every moment, participate in the beauty of it. And then let it go. Because a new moment has already arisen. It is said that in the spirit world there is no Time, everything happens in the Now. There is no memory, hence no past, there is no imagination, hence no future. There is only the now which is eternal. Maybe we should live as eternal spirit. Maybe then we can be free of attachment, of desire, of suffering. Maybe then we can be free as we were meant to be, or rather as we really are.