Friday, February 19, 2010

A prayer for jnyan

This world intrudes, oh Lord
on my joyous contemplation of you.
Our ecstatic love-making it interrupts,
our blissful union it desecrates.

Wipe it away, oh Lord
with one swipe of your mighty hand.
Obliterate, blot it out,
this quivering chimera of dust.

Or else, even better, oh Lord
take me forthright out of it,
this needy body, this wily mind
this maddening beckoning of desire.

Even so, I know, oh Lord
liberation lies in realising that;
rise I must, like a lotus, clean
above the tainting dust, and the dream.

The dawning of truth, oh Lord
I await, when you and I shall be one.
The world will lose its grip on me,
the soul as free as a soul should be.