Saturday, January 09, 2010

Waking from the dream

We are just a dream in the consciousness of the Great Spirit. When the Spirit wants to manifest, we are born. From then on until we die we acquire things, a personality, opinions, concepts, knowledge, a sense of ‘I’ as being separate (ego), possessions which we think belong to us. All of which arises in the mind. But we are so immersed in the dream, everything has a sense of solidity, of reality, but which, however, is not the real thing. All this gets wiped out when the form dies, when the spirit consciousness departs from the manifested form.

In short, we are all dreamers, in a dream world we have dreamt up.

But who is doing the dreaming? That who we really are. Divinity. But whilst we are caught up in the dream we cannot realise that. We need to step back from the dream and realise the deceptiveness of it. But we cannot do that with the mind because the mind is where the dream is taking place. Happiness and misery, loss and gain, success and failure etc are all happening in the dream. In order to awaken, the mystics say, we must drop the mind and in the space that opens up, truth is revealed.

Mind you, all of the above are approximations because words are approximations and cannot adequately convey anything approaching truth. I guess we have to find out for ourselves. In silence.