Monday, December 07, 2009

The day was crystal clear and sparkling .....

Today when I got out of the house in the morning the sun was shining, but it must have rained during the night because everything outside was wet. There were tiny droplets of water on the leaves, the flowers and the tiny droplets on each blade of grass shining in the sunlight made it look like the grass was wearing sequins :)) The light has a different quality when the sun shines again after the rain. The air is crystal clear and sparkling and the trees, houses, roads look spanking clean. Sitting on the train I look out as we pass the river. The water is almost still and the trees look like they are looking at their own reflection in the water. A group of gulls sitting on a sand bar is perfectly reflected on the still water. Watching the scene, it occurs to me that this is how witnessing comes about.

Your thoughts, actions, reactions, no matter how turbulent are reflected on the stillness of your inner silence. There no thoughts emerge, no reactions occur, there is just silent witnessing. Thoughts come and go, reactions rage and pass away, concepts are formed and changed, opinions rise and fall, but the witness only witnesses these temporary phenomena. It remains unchanged, unaffected, serene and calm. In this witnessing lies all wisdom. It is the link to the realm of the infinite wherein lies only innocence and pure love.

When I got home in the evening, the trees were alive with the sound of birdsong. The little ones were calling, talking, scolding but in such a musical manner it makes the heart swell with joy. I go for a walk and the sunshine is warm and invigorating. It feels as if summer has finally arrived here after much hemming and hawing and delay :) The light falls dazzling on everything, lighting up the grass to an emerald brilliance, the tender young leaves blushing rose and the leaves silhouetted against the light a translucent shade of green.

Back home while I'm writing this on my laptop I have an unusual visitor. I've left the front door open to let in some fresh air. I see a slight movement near the bedroom door and I turn my head slowly to see a jet black cat with green eyes walk into the room. I am sitting absolutely still so it doesn't notice me. It sniffs at the various objects on the floor and is walking towards my feet when it looks up and sees a pair of eyes looking into its eyes. Its instinctive reflex is to flee, it stiffens and almost turns away but after the initial fear response, it relaxes and looks into my eyes for a few seconds more and realising I'm no threat it turns and leaves, slowly and with dignity.

This is the thing I love about animals other than humans, they are living from the core, true to themselves. In innocence and in being-ness.