Saturday, November 14, 2009

A different way of looking

Look at yourself as a tree would see you, or as a rock would or the sea would. They would not see your gender, your colour, your race, your medals, your achievements, your talents, your wealth, your status. They would only see your Beingness. Everything else has been put on, layer upon layer upon your true being. Even your personality, your traits, your character, your values. Observe how they change over time, according to circumstances, how we alter them to suit ourselves. How can our true self be anything so mercurial, temporary, illusionary?

Look at the earth as the earth would see itself. It would see no boundaries, no fences, no countries, no divisions. It would only see bountiful plenty. It would see the richness and the amazing diversity of life and the inevitability of death. And below it all, the hidden intelligence that pulsates in all. Even though we fancy ourselves to be God’s greatest creation for the earth man is just another form of life. It makes not concessions for us, gives us no special treatment. For most of the animal kingdom, man remains their greatest enemy. Maybe we need to go outside of our mind, set aside our ego and look at ourselves as nature would see us.