Friday, December 27, 2013

Poem of the day : The Kiss

by Robert Graves
Are you shaken, are you stirred
    By a whisper of love,
Spellbound to a word
    Does Time cease to move,
Till her calm grey eye
    Expands to a sky
And the clouds of her hair
    Like storms go by?
Then the lips that you have kissed
    Turn to frost and fire,
And a white-steaming mist
    Obscures desire:
So back to their birth
    Fade water, air, earth,
And the First Power moves
    Over void and dearth.

Is that Love? no, but Death,
    A passion, a shout,
The deep in-breath,
    The breath roaring out,
And once that is flown,
    You must lie alone,
Without hope, without life,
    Poor flesh, sad bone.


Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Waiting for the moon to rise

The azure horizon
is first lit up
by a white radiance
like a pale sunrise
or a sunset afterglow

I leave the drapes open
like a lovers’ signal
for a secret meeting
gazing out the window
shiny-eyed in anticipation

Clouds appear
silvery and succulent
like they have eaten the moon
are with bursting
with moonlight

An advance party
a nebulous cavalcade
pulling up the moon
from the pit of the horizon
on wispy reins

I grow impatient,
after all the moon is revolving
at this crazy speed
and yet it makes me
wait and wait

But all good things in life
take their time
when I look up there it is
all bashful, borrowed light
limpid, liquid smile

pouring into me
I understand now
why the seas heave
their forever sighs


Tuesday, December 10, 2013

To kill a grasshopper

I killed a grasshopper
it was eating my prize rose
I threw it into the Green Bin
together with the grass clippings
I thought it would be happy
in the dark
eating grass all the time
after all it has grass in its name

but it escaped

I found it on the toilet floor
so I flushed it down the drain
twice, for good measure
it must have tunneled with the turds
into the sea
to be eaten by a fish

I wonder if
tsunamis and typhoons
feel lousy like I do
sowing death in their wake
reaping the dead with their scythe

maybe not

I wonder if
I should let Nature do her job
instead off
killing grasshoppers
to let a flower bloom
killing weeds
to let fruit trees grow

in the midst of Nature
that prefers the jungle
should I be tending a garden?


Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Monday, December 02, 2013

Want to be happy? Be grateful

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