Monday, June 18, 2012

The other side

It takes only a small mis-step,
a tiny, wandering thought,
to derail my train of happiness.
The flooding of pain
is sudden and unwelcome,
like a dark thunderstorm
it blots out the light.

I apply the usual balms -
music, dance, books.
It retreats and bides it time,
and just as surely,
when the beats stop,
the book is closed,
it is there, waiting,
like a faithful lover.

I marvel at its insidiousness,
its tenacity.

Maybe I should give it its due,
pay the blood-price.
Maybe pain is the other side of joy.
Why should I expect
to enjoy the charms of daylight
without enduring the night?

The night is going to be a long one.
Perhaps, joy waits on the other side.