Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Ironsmith wanted ...

Was listening to a song sung by Shuba Mudgal called 'Babul jiya mora...' in which the singer says she doesn't want to marry into a goldsmith's family because she is not fond of jewellery, nor does she want to go into a wealthy family as riches hold no interest for her, and neither does she want to be married into a royal family as she does not know how to rule, but her fervent plea is -

mohe lohar ke ghar de di joh
joh mori zanjeeren pighalaein.....

to give her a iron smith's family, so that her shackles can be melted away.

And I cannot help thinking that is something I would ardently desire too, some thing to melt away my shackles, these chains of the mind, of habit, and custom, of destructive thinking, of the grip of the vice like ego, the illusions of the mind that so powerfully bind me to the world, that whip up in my breast storms unimaginable, that churn my thoughts into a maelstrom when all that I want is for all this to fall away like autumn leaves fall off trees, to melt away like the sun melts snow on mountains and for me to rest in the Lord, in unutterable peace and ineffable bliss.